Thank you.

2018 was a FLOURISH to remember.



Thank you to everyone who came out and made FLOURISH 2018 such a success! Please take a look at what others have had to say about previous FLOURISH events. I hope you come join us at the next one.

With Love and Happiness,



“I live a very joyful life, with a lot of laughter and good times.”

I had a chance to look at my testimonial to you from last year’s “Flourish” and I realized how much I’ve grown and how far I’ve come. From meeting you for the first time at a Silver Frog Lecture Class, to going to Tribe gatherings at your home, & then our enjoyable coffee meet up’s at Yogi’s Cafe has brought me to this amazing insight of how much you have been a mentor in my life. This year’s “Flourish” for me was so enriching & so welcoming in my present life. You have always been so supportive ever since I met you and I thank you for the wonderful opportunity to go to this 2018 Flourish. I loved everyday of it. The location was awesome and I enjoyed having my little cabin. The meals were fantastic and delicious. Each day was nourishing in every way for us to grow with intention. I enjoyed meeting & connecting with all these lovely women. The speakers were great and that includes Tony. He was on target! The awesome Author Arielle Ford was such a bonus and then on the day the sun was shining we had an outing to “ Magnolia”. This outing was a portion of Flourish that connected us to enjoying each other in a whole different way. Thank you for all the hard work that went into putting this year’s Flourish one to remember.
— Judy

The Flouish Retreat was such a wonderful time with like-minded women. It’s hard to find them in today’s world so I was so excited to be surrounded by others who would encourage me and learn with me. The speakers were very interactive and the group was just the right size to be able to ask questions and have constructive conversation. The retreat also made it easy to turn your phone off and be present in the space. I will definitely be returning again!
— Katie

I had the pleasure of traveling from Northern California to Texas last fall to experience the very first Flourish Retreat. Not only was it a wonderful and relaxing atmosphere shared with amazing and friendly women, it was some much-needed and intentional “me” time. It was my first time as such an event. I don’t often carve out such an extended time to focus on ways I can become a better version of myself, so this was a special treat. Every speaker was interesting, entertaining and educational. They covered a wide variety of topics, giving you practical “enrichment tools” that covered multiple areas of your life. To have an expansive and lovely location with very comfortable lodging; the company of delightful women from many walks of life; someone else cooking all my meals; free yoga every morning, in addition to classes on making life more meaningful and fulfilling was well worth the money spent! Thank you, Cyndee, for putting together this event to help me “Flourish”! I can’t wait for Flourish 2018!
— Becky T.