I count it a treasure when I find people who inspire me to step it up, follow my passions and be more deliberate about my goals! Cyndee is one of those people! She has the ability to step back and look at the bigger picture and help people get from concept to accomplishment. She’s not afraid to tell you what you need to hear, and always points you in a positive direction. Ambitious, uplifting and confident, Cyndee will help you build on your strengths and stretch you to reach
for your dreams.

I have known Cyndee for about 3 years now. I met her through our mutual love of doTERRA essential oils. Our paths crossed many times at meetings and events with the company. It wasn’t until a few months ago that I really got to know her on a much deeper level. Through her strength and vulnerability, she started sharing her story of her past and how she made the choice to either be joyful or not! If you know her story, then you have shed tears for sure! Cyndee now teaches and shares with others how to overcome the tough stuff in your life and how to create JOY in your life! It’s all about choice! I have been to two of her seminars and have found them to be wonderful. She equips you with many tools to stay on your journey to happiness and live a joy filled life! I’m grateful that this woman has come into my life and that I now call her a dear friend!

Cyndee Hopkins was honestly probably one of the best guest speakers I have had in a course while at TCU. So many times, guest speakers come to a class and talk at you, hoping you obtain the information. Cyndee was different, she talked with us through her story, letting us choose what we wanted to take away. I also appreciated that she had great communication and speaking skills but that is beside the point. Cyndee’s character is certainly steadfast today but at moments in her life it was not. I believe her steadfast character is the work of many years of trials, tribulations and the “working out” of her character. The traits I most identified through her were courage and compassion. She was courageous in her own life as she, at some points, faced tough decisions in which she needed to pick a higher power and his understanding/plan. The compassion she showed for her kids and her two friends who faced life challenges was humbling. She was able to identify with them and acknowledge their struggle even though she had not faced the exact struggle they had. I think we could all benefit from having a true character pillar like Cyndee Hopkins in our life more. I think this puts a smile on the face of God.

Cyndee Hopkins is a woman of character. As I sat in class listening to her speak, I was in awe of her story and everything that she went through, but I was in more awe of how she handled all of it. She had faith in God that there was purpose behind these moments ofher life, yet she admitted that it was hard and that she had a lot of doubts.. She is honest with everyone about her thoughts and feelings as she went through this emotional time in her life. She didn’t put on a fake face, and explain that she just had faith, and it all worked out. Instead, she explained the hard days, the anger, and the confusion, which helped us to see that she is human, and can relate to anyone else going through suffering.

Her relation to suffering brings me to my next point. Cyndee has compassion. She had compassion with her children as they grew up, and with her daughter as she goes through her own challenges everyday of her life. She also has compassion with people every day of her life as she speaks at events, conferences, gives counsel, and it is sincere compassion. She identifies with others, shares their pain, has a profound feeling, and acts to try and help them make it through that suffering. Her way of helping is giving advice, and loving them through their
really hard moments.

Next, she has so much courage. She has moral courage, to stand up for her beliefs in God, and explaining that he is the reason for the joy in her life. She has the courage to continue and had it the moment that the police arrived at her house the night her husband passed away. She has the courage to attempt something big, and this was shown when she has taken everything that has happened to her, and turned it into a blessing of helping others. Cyndee is a woman that I admire, and deeply aspire to be like one day.