Join Our Tribe.

OUR MISSION - To build a community of support for women in living a more joy filled life.
This community shares one simple unifying mission: To spread the power of happy.
OUR PURPOSE – To educate and empower women to live a great story.


The Tribe is a place to:

- Support each other
- Be surrounded by positive people
- Learn
- Grow into the person you want to be
- Have new ways of thinking
- Dream
- Share
- Have accountability
- Build relationships
- Find New friends

We must have positive influences in our life, people who elevate us and make us
better people. We must cultivate habits that help us have more of what we want in

The Tribe...


A place where we can come together and share our wins or the things
we need support in. It is a place to get connected with others who share your
mission to create more happy.

You will receive a monthly newsletter, where you can get ideas on books to read, stories that inspire, quotes that motivate you, and other fun things to add joy to your life.

There is a private Facebook page for you to connect with other members of The Tribe. You will have opportunities to attend free events where can connect in person as a community.

Happiness is not by chance, but by choice. So, don’t take the chance, make the choice. Our Tribe grows bigger everyday!

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