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Monthly Women Meetup!

If you are ready for things to change, come join me in my monthly meetup in DFW! Meet with other women for support and learn new ways to be more organized, take better care of yourself, and live with less stress. We meet once a month and have a guest speaker, that will share ideas and helpful tips on meals,finances,relationships and more.

There is power in meeting women in person. Make time for you. Join our Tribe - just click here.


Upcoming Seminars & Retreats


Mindful eating made easy

Come learn how to make peace with food and create healthy changes that stick!  You'll learn how to pay attention to the messages of  your body and meet your physical and emotional needs with food.

mindset wine & design

Your home is the place where you recharge and relax. Join me as we learn about how to create a space we love, meet new friends and of course WINE!

Mindset matters

Are you enjoying little or no self-care, dissatisfied with the state of connection in your life, or feeling plagued by thoughts of ‘not enough-ness’? Exhausted? Frustrated? Fed up? Join me and learn how to be happy and live a life that you love.